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We are a long established kennel and celebrated our 25th year in 2005. Our philosophy has always been that we should breed for sound dogs that display true breed type and character. This is reflected both in the Papillons and the Schnauzers that we have bred in recent years. You will find our dogs in the US and New Zealand as well as here in Australia. On top of exporting Phalenes to New Zealand we have several New Zealand, American and Canadian Champion Standard Schnauzers (one with all three titles).

We are currently not breeding Papillons or Phalenes. However, we still very strongly believe that the Phalene must be preserved as a viable variety. We will continue to work with breeders in other countries to achieve this. Andrew judges Papillons and Phalenes as well as many other breeds and has judged them throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

The Phalene is the elegant drop eared variety of the Papillon. It is generally agreed that for the first 400 years or so of its existence the Papillon as a breed (including the Squirrel Spaniel, the Continental Toy Spaniel and its other names) were drop eared. The name Papillon was given to the prick ear after its development late last century. The name Phalene was given earlier this century to distinguish the two. Before there were two varieties there was no need for two names!

Phalenes can come from a mating of two prick ears and you can get both Papillons and Phalenes in the same litter. They are exactly the same in all respects except that the Phalene's ears are completely dropped.

A Phalene's ears, though, while dropped, are not immobile. A Phalene can moves its ears, can lift its ears when alert or its attention momentarily caught.

While in many countries the Phalenes are heavier and coarser in type than Papillons this is not true in all cases. There are some lovely, fine and elegant Phalenes being shown around the world.

We are very proud of our Phalenes including: Aust CH Remporter You Didit Kidd

Aust CH Remporter You Didit Kidd a Phalene

Remporter Flash Jack Kidd - a Phalene in New Zealand

Remporter Flash Jack Kidd - a Phalene

Remporter Flash Joey Kidd - in New Zealand- a Phalene baby puppy

Remporter Flash Joey Kidd - a Phalene baby puppy

We are also very proud of our Papillon's including Flash's dam: Aust CH Alljo Frosty Frills

Aust CH Alljo Frosty Frills - A Papillon

Aust CH Mondelise Madonna CD - A Papillon
Aust CH Mondelise Madonna CD - A Papillon

All black and white photos are copyright CS Photography

There are some very nice Phalenes in Australia. If you are interested in the breed and you are in Australia contact:
Lynne Spooner email:
Michelle Chipperfield email: in Temora NSW,
John and Barbara Stahl in Victoria email:;
or Thelma Morrell email: in New South Wales.

In New Zealand contact Val Mercer in Bunnythorpe on the North Island.


If you want to contact us you can do so at:

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